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November 27, 2012

Yanga Plan Turkey Tour

Mainland premiership pace makers Young Africans are expected to board Istanbul-bound flight at the end of next month for two-week training, the club’s players’ registration chairman  Abdallah Bin Kleb confirmed yesterday.

The Yanga official said the tour aims at sharpening the team ahead of the second half of the Mainland premiership season that kicks off at the end of January.

Besides the premiership, Yanga is also intending to shape up the squad for the Kagame Cup title retention bid mid next year.

Bin Kleb said probable departure dates for the team are between December 28 and 29 as reservations are still in the initial stages while in liaison with their Turkish hosts.

He said once the reservations are over then they would make public details of the tour and duration of stay.

Bin Kleb said the entire cost of the tour, which includes return flight tickets and accommodation while in Istanbul, will be footed by the club’s sponsors.

The Yanga official defended the decision to send the team to Turkey on the grounds, among others, that most of the matches remaining during the second half of the season will be played at their base in Dar es Salaam, particularly the National Stadium.

Bin Kleb was responding to a query as to why the team would not opt for a regional tour for players to acclimatise with the domestic pitches.

Yanga will host most of their league matches at their base in Dar es Salaam and the need for regional tour is for the moment irrelevant.

The European tour would be highly beneficial for the players who will be accustomed to world-class pitches, same as the National Stadium, so says Bin Kleb.

The camp will help players to build confidence as well as team cohesion, said Bin Kleb.

Two more friendlies are lined up for Yanga against top rated African teams from the continent as confirmed by Bin Kleb.

Bin Kleb declined to unveil the names of the two teams as negotiations with their officials are still at infantry stages.

The Yanga official also defended the club’s decision to sack Belgian trainer Tom Saintfiet early during the premiership in September.

Yanga is expected to hold an annual general meeting on December 8 as officials of the club are trying to impress members through linking the successful first half of the premiership season after floppy kick off.

Bin Kleb admitted the possible transfers involving the team’s midfielder Haruna Niyonzima and striker Didier Kavumbagu.

However, he said the transfer of the duo is being discussed and the conclusion would follow after sealing the deals.

While Niyonzima is linked with Sudanese club El-Merreilkh, Kavumbagu might join a team in United States.

Kavumbagu scored ten goals during the first half of the season and has been highly inspirational for the team.

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