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December 21, 2012

Last night @ The Game.......Minnesota Timberwolves vs Oklahoma Thunder.....

With Timberwolves cheerleader.....
Lets go to the game now.......
Read kuangalia game.....tukisubiria watu kufika....

Moi and super friend
Kiss to team #thunder.....

With Hasheem Thabeet.....Oklahoma Thunder player #34

With Nick Collison.......Oklahoma Thunder  player # 4
With kaka was nice to see u brother!!!!!!!!

Wakizungumzia game lilivyoenda......

Go thunder............

It was full packed......
Durant thunder player #35 alinifurahisha sana.......alicheza ball balaa!!!!!

Reaction/Shocked...............After  Wolves end Thunder's 12 game winning streak, top OKC 99-93.

Hashee akihang out na fans wake baada ya game.....

Baada ya game ilikuwa pombeka time....

December 19, 2012

Do You Have a Reasonable Expectation of Privacy online?

The social media world freaked out Tuesday when Instagram said it was going to change its terms of service in order to be able to sell your photos to advertisers.
Users threatened to delete their accounts, and when people said they would never use Instagram ever again, the Facebook-owned company backed off.
Wednesday, Instagram's co-founder released the following statement:
"The language we proposed ... raised questions about whether your photos can be part of an advertisement. We do not have plans for anything like this and because of that we're going to remove the language that raised the question."
So, the people won -- their voices were heard.
But, that raises a bigger-picture question of your privacy on the internet: If you post a picture on the web, do you have a reasonable expectation of privacy? Or if you put a picture or status update  or tweet on the internet, are you already saying you're okay with it being displayed publicly?
Actor Wil Wheaton tweeted out to his 2.1 million followers, "If someone Instagrams a photo of Seth Green walking through an Urban Outfitters, does that mean Urban Outfitters can take that image and use it to create an implied endorsement by Seth?"
Wheaton continued, "What if the picture is taken by a complete stranger? Who gets final say in how the image is used? The subject, the photographer, or Instagram?"
So, should people be worried about posting photos on the internet or are most users fine with it? Also, when are your legal rights violated when it comes to photos on the web?

Obama To Press For Gun Policy Changes After Shooting

WASHINGTON, DC - President Barack Obama on Wednesday demanded "concrete proposals" on curbing gun violence that he could send to Congress no later than January -- an urgent effort to build on the growing political consensus over gun restrictions following last week's massacre of children at a Connecticut school. It was a tough new tone for the president, whose first four years were largely quiet on the issue amid widespread political reluctance to tackle a powerful gun-rights lobby. But emotions have been high after the gunman in Friday's shooting used a semi-automatic rifle to kill 20 young children and six adults at the school, shooting many several times and at close range, after killing his mother at home. He then killed himself. "This time, the words need to lead to action," Obama said. He said he will push legislation "without delay" and urged Congress to hold votes on the bill next year. 
 "The fact that this problem is complex can no longer be an excuse for doing nothing," Obama said. "The fact that we can't prevent every act of violence doesn't mean we can't steadily reduce the violence." As part of his call for "real progress, right now," Obama pressed Congress to reinstate an assault weapons ban, which expired in 2004. He also called for stricter background checks for people who seek to purchase weapons and limited high-capacity clips. Vice President Joe Biden, a longtime gun control advocate with decades of experience in the Senate, will lead a team that will include members of Obama's administration and outside groups.

 The administration will have to make its gun control push in the middle of tense negotiations with Congress to avoid the "fiscal cliff" of billions of dollars in tax increases and deep spending cuts that will kick in at the end of the year without a deal. Notably, the first question asked of Obama during a press conference after his gun announcement was about the fiscal talks. In the days since the shooting, Obama has vowed to use "whatever power this office holds" to safeguard the nation's children after Friday's shooting. Funerals for the victims continued Wednesday, along with the wake for the school's beloved principal. The shooting has prompted several congressional gun-rights supporters to consider new legislation to control firearms, and there are concerns in the administration and elsewhere that their willingness to engage could fade as the shock and sorrow over the shooting eases. 

 The most powerful supporter of gun owners and the gun industry, the National Rifle Association, broke its silence Tuesday, four days after the shooting. In a statement, it pledged "to help to make sure this never happens again" and has scheduled a news conference for Friday. Obama challenged the NRA to join the broader effort to reduce gun violence, saying, "Hopefully they'll do some self-reflection." With the NRA promising "meaningful contributions" and Obama vowing "meaningful action," the challenge in Washington is to turn words into action. Ideas so far have ranged from banning people from buying more than one gun a month to arming teachers. The challenge will be striking the right balance with protecting the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. Firearms are in a third or more of U.S. households, and suspicion runs deep of an overbearing government whenever it proposes expanding federal authority. Many pro-gun lawmakers also have called for a greater focus on mental health issues and the impact of violent entertainment like video games. Obama also prefers a holistic approach, with aides saying stricter gun laws alone are not the answer. Obama said Wednesday that the U.S. needs to make access to mental health care as easy as access to a gun. Still, much of the immediate focus is on gun control, an issue that has been dormant in Washington for years despite several mass shootings. The policy process Obama was announcing Wednesday was expected to include input from the departments of Justice, Education, and Health and Human Services. The heads of those agencies met with Obama at the White House on Monday. The Department of Homeland Security is also expected to play a key role. Pressure for change has come from several sources this week. 
 As shares in publicly traded gun manufacturers dropped, the largest firearms maker in the United States said Tuesday it was being put up for sale by its owner, private equity group Cerberus Capital Management, which called the shooting a "watershed event" in the debate over gun control. Freedom Group International makes Bushmaster rifles, the weapons thought to have been used in Friday's killings. In California, proposed legislation would increase the restrictions on purchasing ammunition by requiring buyers to get a permit, undergo a background check and pay a fee. The U.S. Conference of Mayors wrote Obama and Congress calling for "stronger gun laws, a reversal of the culture of violence in this country, a commission to examine violence in the nation, and more adequate funding for the mental health system." The mayors asked for a ban on assault weapons and other high-capacity magazines, like those reportedly used in the school shooting; a stronger national background check system for gun purchasers; and stronger penalties for straw purchases of guns, in which legal buyers acquire weapons for other people. Formerly pro-gun Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has said "a thoughtful debate about how to change laws" is coming soon. Republican Sen. Charles Grassley has said the debate must include guns and mental health. And NRA member Sen. Joe Manchin, a conservative Democrat, said it's time to begin an honest discussion about gun control and said he wasn't afraid of the political consequences. The comments are significant. Grassley is senior Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which probably would take the first action on any gun control legislation. Reid sets the Senate schedule. ------ Associated Press writer Julie Pace contributed.

 Read more: Obama to press for gun policy changes after shooting - KMSP-TV

‘Life-threatening’ blizzard begins Wednesday night in Wisconsin, Iowa Read more: ‘Life-threatening’ blizzard begins Wed night in Wisconsin, Iowa

The National Weather Service in La Crosse, Wis. says a "life-threatening" blizzard begins Wednesday night in parts of Wisconsin and Iowa.
The blizzard will develop across eastern Iowa into central Wisconsin, lasting through Thursday evening. Snowfall is expected to begin Wednesday night, becoming heavier overnight through late Thursday morning.
The biggest snow totals are expected in northeast Iowa into southwest and central Wisconsin.
The National Weather Service in the Twin Cities has issued a winter weather advisory for snow and blowing snow from 9 p.m. Wednesday evening to 6 p.m. Thursday.
Two to four inches of snow are expected by Thursday afternoon, paired with strong sustained winds of 15 to 25 mph with occasional gusts of 30 to 35 mph.
Blue Earth, Dakota; Le Sueur; Scott; Washington and Watonwan counties are all included in the advisory.
A Winter Storm Warning extends along the Interstate 90 corridor with two to five inches possible there.

Read more: ‘Life-threatening’ blizzard begins Wed night in Wisconsin, Iowa - KMSP-TV

VICE Media Acquires i-D Magazine

VICE, a global youth media company which includes a self-titled publication, announced yesterday that they are now the proud new owners of i-D Magazine.
i-D Magazine is a British pub that was started in 1980 by designer and former Vogue Art Director, Terry Jones.
Of the acquisition, VICE President Andrew Creighton said,
“VICE is so excited to work with the guys at i-D magazine, one of the only fashion publications in the world we actually respect. We know digital, i-D knows style, and together we’re going to give the world the gift of eye-catching, mind-blowing video-driven fashion content.”
And they truly are excited, more than a little bit, as they hurriedly shared the news yesterday with press releases and a formal announcement published on
Anyone familiar with both publications shouldn’t be too surprised at the union, since VICE features edgy content with a finger on the pulse of popular youth subcultures; while i-D also targets youth culture via fashion, music and art, with a slightly more polished persona.
But i-D fans needn’t fear for any loss of the high-fashion and genuinely fun spirit of the pub. VICE says,
i-D founder Terry Jones and his wife Tricia will remain partners and shareholders in i-D and continue to be creative visionaries. i-D’s editorial and sales staff will join forces with VICE’s operations and continue to generate content for i-D.
However, you can expect a beefed up website and video-driven online fashion channel in and effort to maximize the fashion mag’s digital presence.

-Tameika Lawrence

TUCTA: Cut Tax Burden On Workers

19th December 2012
TUCTA President Omary Juma
The Trade Unions Congress of Tanzania (TUCTA) wants the government to reduce tax burden on workers and instead ensure the tax net covers more members of the business community and investors.

TUCTA said workers have been contributing 46 percent of the national income while traders and investors contribute only 24 percent.

TUCTA President Omary Jumaa revealed this yesterday in Dar es Salaam when briefing the media on resolutions reached by TUCTA’s Executive Committee in its meeting held between December 13 and 14 this year in Morogoro.

Jumaa said that the government has been concentrating on the Pay As You Earn (P.A.Y.E) tax as the major source of its income leaving out investors and big businessmen who make huge profits in the country but pay very little tax or none at all.

He said there are some workers whose P.A.Y.E is up to 1m/- just because they are in the system and cannot avoid paying.
The TUCTA president asked the government to intensify measures to curb revenues losses occasioned by traders and investors and relieve the workers from bearing the most burden.

“Workers are exploited through paying large amounts of taxes while others are leading luxurious lives and enjoying the country’s resources…the government should take actions to reduce this burden to the extent where workers should pay a single digit percentage of their earnings as tax,” he said. 

The TUCTA boss added that the committee has discovered that the working environment in the country is still not satisfactory citing difficult situations in most work places which are yet to be addressed.

He noted that currently most workers survive on 3000/- to 4000/- per day. These are those who are paid 70,000/- to 100,000/- per month. This group comprises the large number of workers who are in private sector.

Jumaa also touched on the public sector where a civil servant is paid 5,700/- per day which equals the gross salary of 170,000/- per month which could not even satisfy the daily needs of the worker.

He acknowledged the shortage of employment opportunities in the country, proposing the improvement and concentration of vocational training colleges as a solution to the problem because many youth shall get various technical trainings which will enable them employ themselves.

Furthermore, TUCTA has asked the government to factor a 100 per cent salary increase in its budget, while reducing workers’ income tax to 11 per cent of their salaries for the financial year of 2013/2014 in a bid to improve workers living standards.

Responding to questions raised by journalists on government capacity to increase the proposed wages; Jumaa said that there were many sources for income that the government could exploit, adding that if the sources are well controlled the government can pay even beyond the proposed amount, adding that TUCTA is ready to reveal the sources of the income.

Tanesco Announces Cuts In Power Connection Fees

19th December 2012
Tanzania Electric Supply Company has announced major reduction in connection fees starting next month, as promised by the Energy and Minerals minister some months back.

A statement availed to The Guardian yesterday by Tanesco said connection fee for single phase for urban customers has been reduced by 30 percent while connection fee for rural consumers has been reduced by 70 percent.

According to the statement connection charges for single phase for rural customers within a distance not exceeding 30 meters of the main line, and not needing an electric pole will be required to pay 177,000/- while  those in urban areas will pay 320,960 instead of  the previous 455,108/-.

The statement said the reduction is equivalent to 61.11percent for rural consumers and 29 .48 percent for those in urban areas.
Rural consumers who need a single phase connection, whose installation requires one electric pole will pay 337,740/- while urban dwellers will pay 515,618 instead of 1,351,884/- currently being paid by the customers.

The reduction is equivalent to 75.02 per cent for rural dwellers and 61.86 per cent for urban dwellers.

Consumers in rural and urban areas requiring single phase power connection, which requires two electric poles shall have to pay 454,654/- equal to 77.28 per cent and 696,670/- equal to 65.19 per cent respectively, instead of the previous 2,001,422/-.
The statement said Tanesco aimed at reaching more 30 per cent of the total population by 2015.

Earlier this month, Energy and Minerals Minister Prof Sospeter Muhongo told The Guardian that the power connection charges would be effected in at least six regions by next month.
Without naming the regions, he said that the applicable fees have already been set for each region.

He said that residents of Lindi and Mtwara regions have meanwhile, started enjoying the lower rates. They will for the next six months be paying only 99,000/- connection fee for both single and three-phase power, a steep reduction from 455,104.76/- for single phase and 912,104.74/- for three phase.

According to the Minister, residents of Lindi and Mtwara have been given such lower prices as an offer to enable more people in the regions have access to electricity. He said the residents have for a long time complained about high fee for power connection despite the regions being major producers of gas in the country.

Tabling the 2012/13 budget estimates for the ministry, Prof Muhongo said the new charges aimed at reducing the burden of power connection cost by 30 and 70 per cent from the levels that new customers have been shouldering.

TMA, Vodacom Team Up On Weather Updates

Tanzania Meteorological Agency (TMA), in partnership with Vodacom Tanzania, has come up with a new system which will enable people to access weather information updates through their mobile phones.

TMA Director General Dr. Agnes Kijazi, announcing the partnership at a press briefing in Dar es Salaam yesterday, said people will only be required to send text messages in order to get weather updates.

“People will only be required to write the word 'Weather,' specify the region and send to number 15588,” she said.
She said the system will be particularly useful to fishermen and farmers, whose activities depend mostly on weather conditions.
Kijazi said would-be travellers would also benefit from the arrangement.

“Through this system, wananchi will now have the chance to be aware of impending weather conditions and so schedule their activities accordingly.

The TMA chief said that customers would also automatically receive reports on emergency or dangerous weather conditions such as tsunamis or tornadoes.

"Information on emergency situations can't wait for a customer to request it; therefore it will automatically be relayed by TMA,” she said.
Dr. Kijazi said currently channels used to relay weather updates were not accessed by many people, but almost everybody had a handset.

For his part, Vodacom head of brand communication and marketing Kelvin Twissa said through the partnership the challenge of relaying weather updates had now been solved, adding that Vodacom was doing its best to reach as many Tanzanians as possible through its many products and services offered.

“To get weather updates, all a client needs to do is to write the word 'Weather' and the region required and send the massage to number 15588. For instance, to get a weather update for Dar es Salaam region, write the word 'Weather Dar' then send to 15588," he said.
The cost of one weather update SMS will be 100/, he said.

December 18, 2012


Stori: Haruni Sanchawa na George Kayala
VYOVYOTE vile inaweza kuzungumzwa lakini ukweli utasimama kuwa mtoto Gift Mustapha, 4, hakustahili kuuawa.
Mwili wa marehemu Gift Mustapha ukipelekwa kuzikwa.
Gift, pamoja na umri wake mdogo, kilichomponza ni uelewa wake, pale alimpomfuata baba yake, Mustapha Mchele, 37, akimhoji sababu ya kumpiga mama yake.
Mtoto Gift Mustapha enzi za uhai wake.
Ni mtoto mdogo lakini alikuwa na uwezo mkubwa wa kuchanganua mambo ndiyo maana alipowakuta baba na mama yake wanapigana, haraka sana alihoji sababu ya ugomvi wao, akataka waachiane.
Kumbe baba ni katili, eti swali “kwa nini baba unampiga mama”, likamuudhi, hivyo akamcharanga  mapanga Gift mpaka akapoteza maisha.
Mtoto Gift, ameuawa kikatili mno, picha za tukio tumeshindwa kuzitumia kutokana na maadili, zinaonesha jinsi muuaji alivyomkatakata usoni na kichwa kizima bila huruma.
Gift, aliuawa Desemba 10, 2012, nyumbani kwao, Yombo Buza, Temeke, Dar es Salaam.
Mama wa marehemu, Zulfa Mustapha na majirani zake, wanamlilia Gift, wakimuelezea alikuwa mtoto mzuri, mwenye akili na uwezo mkubwa wa kuchanganua mambo licha ya umri mdogo aliokuwa nao.
Jirani aliyeomba hifadhi ya jina lake alisema, Gift alikuwa anatoka madrasa, alipofika nyumbani aliwakuta wazazi wake wanagombana.
“Ni kawaida ya Gift kufuatawa na ama baba yake au mama yake pindi anapokuwa madrasa lakini siku hiyo hakufuatwa, kwa hiyo alifika nyumbani amechelewa kidogo.
“Inaonekana alisubiri kwa muda kabla ya kuamua kurudi mwenyewe. Akakuta wazazi wake wanagombana, hakujua kama amekikaribia kifo chake.
Baba wa marehemu ambaye ndiye mtuhumiwa, Mustapha Mchele (37).
“Mama yake alikuwa analia, kwa hiyo akamuuliza baba yake ni kwa nini alikuwa anampiga mama yake. Hapohapo, baba mtu akachukua panga na kumcharanga.
“Baada ya kumcharanga mtoto, akamgeukia mkewe, akamkata mkononi na kichwani jeraha moja lakini mama mtu yeye alipata upenyo na kukimbia,” alisema jirani huyo.
Ripota wetu, walifanikiwa kumuona Zulfa akiwa na majeraha mawili, moja mkononi na lingine kichwani lakini hali yake ilikuwa inaendelea vizuri.
Hata hivyo, jitihada za maripota wetu kuzungumza na Zulfa ziligonga mwamba kutokana na ndugu zake kuwa wakali.
Wikiendi iliyopita, maripota wetu walifika nyumbani kwake lakini wakaelezwa kwamba ndugu zake wamemhamishia sehemu nyingine.
 Gift, alizikwa Desemba 12, mwaka huu kwenye makaburi ya Yombo Buza, Temeke, Dar es Salaam.
Simanzi ilitanda kwa wakazi wa Yombo, husasan majirani wa familia ya Mustafa Mchele, kwani tukio hilo limekuwa na sura ya aina yake.
Mama mzazi wa marehemu Gift Mustapha.
Majirani wamesema kuwa Mustafa  hakutegemewa na jamii kutenda mauaji hayo kutokana na asili yake ya upole na ukarimu kwa watu.
Wamesema kuwa pia ni mtu anayemjua Mungu vilivyo, kwani husali swala tano.
“Ni msomi, alikuwa akiishi na familia yake vizuri. Tuliposikia mauaji haya tumeshangaa sana, wengi wamehisi kuna mambo ya uchawi hapa,” alisema jirani huyo na kuongeza:
“Wengi wanaamini akili ya Mustafa imechezewa. Katika siku za hivi karibuni kila alipokuwa akienda kazini alikuwa akiumwa, akirejea nyumbani huwa mzima.”
Waombolezaji wakiwa msibani.
Jirani mwingine ambaye naye aliomba hifadhi ya jina lake, alisema: “Mustafa alikuwa anafanya kazi kwenye kiwanda kimoja kilichopo Barabara ya Nyerere lakini siku za karibuni, alikuwa nyumbani mara nyingi kutokana na kusumbuliwa na maradhi.
“Kule kiwandani ni kiongozi wa wafanyakazi. Kwa nini aumwe akiwa kazini, akifika nyumbani anapona? Mbona si mtu wa ugomvi, sasa ilikuaje agombane na mkewe kisha amuue mtoto wake kipenzi? Kuna kitu hapa!”
Majirani walisema, Mustafa alikuwa anampenda mno Gift na hata siku ya tukio aliongozana naye mpaka madrasa ambako mtoto huyo alikuwa anasoma.
Waombolezaji wakiwa nyumbani kwa marehemu.
Kwa mujibu wa majirani, Gift alikuwa akiishi kwa baba yake mkubwa Kigamboni, Dar es Salaam.
Imeelezwa kwamba mwezi uliopita, mtuhumiwa huyo alimfuata Gift ili aishi naye, vilevile asome madrasa lakini Desemba 10, 2012, likatokea tukio hilo la kutisha.
Mustafa alikamatwa na polisi na anashikiliwa katika Kituo cha Chang’ombe, Temeke, Dar es Salaam.


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