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November 16, 2012

Security Situation Calm, Says PM

Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda has assured the public that security in the country is sound despite the recent chaos in Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam over matters of the Union and religion.

He however directed defence and security organs to ensure that legal actions are taken against those who incite people to chaos on the pretext of religion and ethnicity.

He made the remarks here yesterday while opening a special meeting for Regional and District Commissioners and Regional Administrative Secretaries.

He said security and defence organs should work in cooperation with the respective committees to ensure that people who embark on chaos or violence aimed at breaching peace are dealt with by responsible legal organs.

The RCs, DCs and RAS are appointed so as to represent the government in their respective areas taking into account the fact that they are chairpersons for defence and security committees in their working stations, he said.
 “Despite the recent incidents of chaos which were embedded with religious elements, Tanzania’s security is superbly calm,” Pinda said.

Disputes between pastoralists and farmers should not be left unchecked, he said, adding that responsible authorities should take immediate action, including building the capacity for defence and security organs to overcome any acts which may lead to breach of peace.

 “Section 5 of the Regional Administrative Act gives RCs and DCs the responsibility of acting as security and defence supervisors in their places of work,” Pinda said.

He further said that RCs and DCs are supposed to have good working relations with security and defence organs in their respective stations.

“You are supposed to use these security organs for advice so as to be able to detect any signs of breach of peace earlier and resolve the disputes before it is too late.
The PM also challenged the RCs and DCs to refrain from indulging in the concept of “Eyes on, Hands Off” if they are to push for the country’s development.

 He said doing so would be wrong because the notion has at best worked to the lagging behind of many things.
“I call upon you to do away with this stance because it is incorrect. For what it means is that RCs should not interfere with the work of their subordinates even if the latter fail to deliver—this will have huge negative effects on the development,” he said.

“RCs and DCs are appointed by the President and given the powers to govern their respective areas. This concept should not be encouraged either in supervising development projects at your areas… you must visit the projects and know what is going on,” Pinda said.

In another development the Premier told the leaders that the government has a good strategy to recognise the contribution of creative and innovative people in the field of science and technology.

“We passed the law recently to recognise the contribution of these people… thus we now have a starting point,” he said.

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