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October 9, 2012

Tracee Ellis Ross Dishes On Why Her Dotcom Will Bring You Closer To Her (And Possibly, Yourself)

Tracee Ellis Ross is awesome for a plethora of reasons. Aside from her superstar mother, international upbringing and rock-star curls, the actress and former model takes great pride in the inner beauty women naturally possess. As a way to celebrate our sacred realm of self, the television star has created a digital destination where readers can find out what inspires her on a daily basis. With four channels—Hair & Beauty, Style, Inspiration and Well-Being—Ross hopes to unite the masses and create a conversation.
In a fun interview with StyleBlazer, Ross shared her thoughts on giving hair advice, her new favorite social media site and why she doesn’t tweet about her love life.
On giving hair advice: I am not an expert, I am just an individual who has had quite the hair journey. Because of my hair, I’ve discovered a lot and the theme of the site is using myself as a springboard [to discover more]. I will, without a doubt, share what has been good and worked for me. I’ll also show the general inspiration for a look, do my interpretation and then a How-To of that look. And we’ll build those with the frequency of people coming to my site.
What she thinks about being called a “hair icon”: I am so grateful and humbled that people are enjoying my hair and my journey with my hair. But my point with all of it is that there’s not just one way to be with your hair. I will say that I am so uncomfortable with the word “icon” associated anywhere near my name, probably because I am the offspring of a real icon! But for those who receive me that way, it’s an absolute honor.
Where she spends her free time: A lot of people don’t know this, but I spend a lot of time on Photo Booth. I have a tendency to take photos all the time as I’m playing dress up.
Why she created her lifestyle site: The evolution of the internet really changed the idea of what you can do with a website. Up until recently, actors had no real way of connecting to what was connected to them. What I discovered with my social media interaction was that people were responding to a lot of the things I was responding to and that I was interested in. This is a way I can connect on a larger scale and in a deeper way—by sharing what inspires me and hearing what inspires you. I realized that it could be more than just interacting through Twitter or Instagram. The hope is that it moves away from Tracee Ellis Ross dotcom and becomes a world—a tribe—of other like-minded people.

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