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September 13, 2012

Tanzanite Glamour Curvy Closet: Shopping Tips For The Fashionable Ladies With Lots To Love (Get Curvy On A Dime!)

The Curvy Closet is designed to help women of all body types appreciate their shape, and learn style tips to help them maximize their wardrobes. Through the denim, dress and swimwear guides, we’ve highlighted best-kept secrets for categories like petite, hourglass, and bottom-heavy ladies. But this month, we’ve roped in two amazing plus-size fashion bloggers Johara Tucker and Alissa Wilson to provide shopping tips specific to this category. Yep, it’s all about you ladies! But, no matter your shape, the bloggers have advice that everyone benefits from. Keep reading to find out what clothing brands and outlets a great for the curviest ladies.
Brooklyn-based Alissa Wilson runs Stylish Curves. Her inspiration to blog came from her need to fill the plus-size void in fashion blogging and become a resource.
Johara Tucker also hails from BK and her site is Luvin’ My Curves. You can find everything from posts on “Sizeism” and “The Dress Code” to details about events like Caribbean Fashion Plus Week.

TG: What do you think are the most challenging aspects of shopping for plus-sized clothing?
AW: The biggest challenge is being able to go into a brick and mortar store to try on clothes. There are department stores, but they only carry a limited amount of plus sizes, so many women have to do their shopping online.  This causes them to spend more money on shipping and handling!

JT: I’d say finding clothing that is not only stylish, but obviously the fit is crucial. The way the clothing fits is equally as, if not more, important than the way the garment looks. 

Get their designer recommendations............
TG: What are some of your favorite plus-size clothing designers? And which retailers and sites are your go-to when shopping for a deal?
AW: In terms of designers, I am a huge fan of Simply Be, Evans and Style 369. When I’m shopping on a budget I tend to go to H&M, Forever21 and Macy’s. They have an affordable and pretty vast selection for plus sized women.

JT:  I really like Kiyonna and MonifC. If I’m shopping for basics, I will check out ASOS and Avenue, and Land’s End is really good for classic quality pieces. 

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