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September 26, 2012

Papic Resurfaces, Yanga In Trouble

Kagame Cup holders Young Africans have dully paid sacked Belgian coach Tom Saintfiet but still the club has more debts to settle.
Saintfiet was sacked by the club hardly 77 days after ceremoniously joining the club and led it to retain lucrative $30,000 worth of Kagame Cup title in July.
The Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) has received a notification from FIFA requiring Yanga to settle their arrears with Serbian coach Kostadin Papic, who ended his contract in early May but left for home with empty pockets.
Papic claims hefty $12,300 salary arrears and has forwarded his case to FIFA.
TFF secretary general Angetile Osiah said through his press statement availed to The Guardian yesterday that an order from FIFA needs the debt to be settled immediately.
Should Yanga be defiant to honor the debt then it is very possible for FIFA to instruct points’ deductions and eventually relegate the famous top flight side.
Osiah said he has already directed Yanga to honour the Serbian coach’s claims before it becomes too late.
He said the FIFA axe can fall on Yanga any moment should the Tanzanian club play down to pay the Serbian trainer.
Osiah said the indebt ness by Yanga with regard to coach Papic is staining image of the country’s football.
He said it is very possible the consequences of indebt ness would result in discrediting Tanzania before the football fraternity around the globe.
He said there is a possibility for Tanzanian clubs as well as national teams to miss services of good coaches from Europe and elsewhere should Yanga remain adamant in paying the arrears.
He cautioned Yanga and other clubs in the country to honour payments to their coaches and meet contractual terms.
Papic’s demands have resurfaced just a day after Yanga have paid compensation to Belgian coach Saintfiet after partying ways early this week.
Besides the Serbian coach, Yanga have a pending debt to settle for Kenyan international John Njoroge who successfully appealed for 17m/- in arrears for contractual breach in 2010.
Yanga have to dig deep into their coffers to settle the debts quickly enough before a heavy axe falls on the club any time.
Osiah said TFF has repeatedly insisted on clubs to honor contractual terms with their hired coaches and players.

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