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September 26, 2012

Big Names off CCM`s Poll List

 Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) Central Committee has removed the names of some its top officials including Members of Parliament from the list of those vying for various posts in the party.According to information from impeccable sources, the names were removed on Monday midnight by the party’s ethics and security committee. The committee’s bold decision had the consent of the party’s National Chairman Jakaya Kikwete.
Legislators struck from the list of contestants included those who signed the document prepared by Kigoma North lawmaker Zitto Kabwe in April this year to collect 70 signatures from MPs to enable him table a motion of no confidence in Prime Minister, Mizengo Pinda.
Zitto’s moves were intending to hold the government responsible following the revelations by the committees and CAG of massive corruption, dishonesty and misappropriation of public funds.
Legislators whose names have been struck off the list of those vying for various posts in the party are Nimrod Mkono (Musoma Rural) who was vying for the post of national parent’s wing chairmanship and Ludewa MP, Deo Filikunjombe who was seeking the NEC seat via Ludewa district.
The committee also removed the name of Ilala legislator, Mussa Zungu who doubles as the presiding chair during Bunge meetings. The committee suggested that Zungu vie for the post of parent’s wing chairmanship left vacant after Mkono’sname was struck offthe list.
Others are Kisesa MP, Luhaga Mpina who was vying for the post of CCM Chairman via Simiyu region, Kahama legislator, James Lembeli who wanted to become the party’s Chairman in Shinyanga region, Nzega MP, Dr. Khamis Kigwangalah and CCM cadre Hussein Bashe, who were contesting for NEC membership through Nzega district.
Special seat MP Sara Msafiri who was contesting for NEC membership and Munde Tambwe who was contesting for Chairperson of Women wing in Tabora region were also dropped.
The reports said that the reasons for removing the two MPs was due to allegations that they were among the members of the Parliamentary committee for Energy and Minerals who have interest in Tanzania Electricity Supply Company.
Others who have been left out include Kilimanjaro CCM Chairperson Vicky Swai.
Those who have been proposed by the CC include Simanjiro Legislator Christopher Ole Sendeka who was contesting for NEC membership for Simanjiro district, Monduli MP Edward Lowassa who was contesting for NEC membership, Bariadi East legislator Andrew Chenge and a Member of East Africa Legislative Assembly Adam Kimbisa who was contesting for the post of chairperson for Dodoma region.
Others are Same- East legislator Anne Kilango Malecela, Minister for Community Development Gender and Children Sophia Simba, and famous cadre Mayrose Magige who are contesting for the position of National chairperson of women wing.
The source said that President Kikwete wanted to ensure that all people faced with corruption allegations within the party had no chance to contest for various posts.
According to the party’s election regulations, the last decision making body is the National Executive Committee which started meeting yesterday under the chairmanship of President Jakaya Kikwete.
Opening NEC meeting President Kikwete said in order to ensure CCM lives and emerges a winner in the 2015 General Election, the Party Central Committee has decided to drop candidates who are old to give room for the young people to compete for the various party positions.
“On Monday the central committee finished its work after midnight. We did a great job and we are happy that this time, regardless of having many candidates in various positions, including learned youths, we as a committee have decided to give room for young people. Our colleagues, the elders should now retire,” said President Kikwete.
He said among the youth who competed for the position, many come from the higher learning institutions which is a great encouragement for the party.
“I would like to stress that we cannot have a party run by old people alone, for a party with such a system will never have a good leadership. We have made the decision so as to give our party a good image, but above all victory in the 2014 local government elections and 2015 elections,” said the party national chairman.
He said in their internal election, the party expects to get a team of ethical, courageous leaders capable of defending their party.
“In this sense a winning team and not the victory of one person,” stressed Kikwete.
“I have heard that there are some people who are threatening to ditch the party if they are struck from contesting for leadership positions. If so, let them go. It means by the fact that they are threatening, they have already been assured of their chances in other political parties,” said Kikwete.
He advised those who will fail in the election not to give up because their failure doesn’t mean they are incapable; only that there are always few positions, against many contestants.
He warned against corruption during elections, saying the exercise is not a business, and that candidates using money to win are not fit to become leaders.
He also criticised candidates who have caused fracas using arms saying they have shamed the party.

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