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September 30, 2012

Driver`s Mobile Phone Kills CCM Cadre, Injures 85

A CCM cadre died on the spot yesterday and 85 others suffered injuries after a lorry carrying them overturned in Chunya district, Mbeya region.
The accident occurred at around 8.30 am at Matundasi area on the outskirts of Chunya town when the lorry driver identified only as Mchungaji was receiving a call on his mobile phone while negotiating a corner.
Reports gathered by The Guardian on Sunday at the scene of the accident had it that the CCM members from Lupa, Upendo and Mamba wards, were heading to Chunya for a party election meeting.
Interviewed at Chunya District Hospital, one of the injured people identified as Frank Bone ( 40) said the accident was caused by the driver’s attempt to receive a call while the vehicle was in high speed.
He said due to overloading the driver, throughout the journey, appeared to have difficulties in controlling the lorry. He said they started their journey at Mamba village at around 3 am, passing by Lupa and Upondo wards to pick up other party members, leading to the vehicle overloading.
A CCM cadre, Jamson Mwaluka, a resident of Lupa ward who sustained injuries on his forehead, said that before the accident a call was made to the driver’s mobile phone and when he tried to pick it from his pocket so that he could answer it he lost control of the vehicle and it overturned.
“The cause of the accident is the mobile phone because a moment before the accident a call was made to the driver’s mobile phone and when he was struggling to pick it from his pocket to answer it he lost control of the lorry,” he stated.
At the scene of the accident at Chunya District Hospital, three ambulances were ferrying the injured from the scene of accident to the hospital for treatment, some with serious injuries.
Dr Henry Mwansasu, the Acting Chunya District Chief Medical Officer, said the hospital had received one body of a CCM cadre and 85 injured people.
The cadre who lost his life in the fateful accident was Issaya Nchimbi (45), the CCM treasurer for Madimbwini branch in Mamba ward, Chunya district.
Out of the 85 injured people, 11 of them were in serious condition and had been admitted while others with slight injuries were treted and discharged, he added.

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