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July 18, 2012

Prof Lipumba: Where Is Money For Mwanza Power?

Opposition Civic United Front (CUF) has queried over the funds allocated for a 60MW power project in Mwanza Region, saying the money have been disbursed consecutively for five budget sessions to no end.
Briefing journalists on the recommendations of the CUF National Leadership Council meeting held on the 14th and 15th of July in Dar es Salaam. The parties National Chairman Prof. Ibrahim Lipumba said that the council wanted to know why the projects have taken so long to be implemented.
He called the government out on unmet promises saying it had assured the public it would overcome power shortages problems in the country and plans included the completion of 100 megawatts power projects in Dar es Salaam and 60 megawatts in Mwanza.
“This year’s budget shows that the government has signed a loan agreement worth 61 million Euros with HSBC bank based in UK which was directed for a power generating project in Nyakato Mwanza,” Lipumba cited and then reminded the house and Tanzanians that this was the fifth consecutive allocation of funds for the stagnant project.
He said unreliable power supply was still a problem in the country although the government allocated 1.7tr/- in 2008 as a stimulus package for the revamping of the country’s economy.
Prof Lipumba pointed out that government expenditure this financial year has increased from 13.1trn/- to 15.1trn/- while national development in the budget has decreased from 4.9trn/- to 4.5trn/- in the year 2012/2013.
He said in the year 2011/2012 the development budget was 36.4 per cent of the whole budget while in the year 2012/2013 is 30 per cent of budget yet normal expenditure has been increased by 23.2 per cent but development budget been reduced by 8.1 percent.
“The recurrent expenditure is increasing due to the increase of administration expenditures like establishment of new districts and regions, frequent international visits by the President and other government leaders, the outsized minister’s cabinet…” criticized the professor, calling these expenses, ‘unnecessary allowance and payments among leaders.’
“…there is misuse of public funds by the central government, various districts and regional councils also…” the professor further alleged citing his report source as the CAG report shows.
Concerning the natural resources, fuel, gas and uranium, Professor Lipumba said the Government should have a proper plan which will enable citizens to benefit directly from these major investments.
“There should be a system that enables each citizen to get certain percent direct from the income generated from their national natural resources...’’ suggested the professor.
Speaking on the doctor’s strike, he asked the government to resolve all complains and to bring back to work all doctors expelled from work due to the strike.
He expressed his disappointment over the Dr. Ulimboka unresolved attack and advised the government to create a free body to investigate the matter transparently and preferably be led by The Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC) without involving members from the Government and the police force.
Prof Lipumba seized the moment to mention his party’s ambitions, saying they will be participating in the Bububu constituent bi-elections to be held later this year.

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