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March 28, 2012

Superstar Singers and Their Siblings....Happy Bday Lady Gaga...We Love U.

With Lady Gaga as a big sister, she’s got some big, probably spiky and endlessly high platform shoes to fill! But 20-year-old Natali Germanotta (whose own birthday was earlier this month) is pursing her own path as fashion student at Parsons in New York. She's definitely not as outrageous as her sister, but Natali still retains the Germanotta edge with her own dark fashionista style and a pet lizard that she carries with her, even to photoshoots! As of last fall, the Germanotta sisters had plans to launch their own clothing line.
Madonna’s younger brother Christopher Ciccone has collaborated with her quite a bit. He has appeared in some of her music videos like “Everybody” and “Lucky Star,” and was originally her assistant, dresser, backup dancer and stylist. He directed her 1993 Girlie Show concert tour and in 2008, he wrote a book about life with his famous sibling. Want to get up close with Madonna?
Beyoncé's younger sister Solange Knowleshas become quite the It-girl as of late, making the rounds at fashion week, djing designer parties and making her own impression on the world as the hip, boho side of the Knowles family. As a solo artist she is currently working on her third record, collaborating with Chromeo and Pharrell.
Not only is rapper Ray J the younger brother of R&B singer/actress Brandy, he’s also a first cousin to Snoop Dogg! Besides recording four albums with another on the way, the 31-year-old starred in two reality TV shows, and is probably best known for dating reality queen Kim Kardashian (and the subsequent sex tape), and later dating singer Whitney Houston up until the time of her death.
Katy Perry may be a pop superstar, but she still has to listen to her big sister. Two years older than her, Angela Hudson accompanies Katy while she is on tour, helping with wardrobe, making sure she takes care of herself and keeping her on schedule

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