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March 30, 2013


Ready for OKC N WOLVES Game @Target Center

With Thunder OKC player Reggie Jackson

Thunder OKC Player Hasheem Thabeet # 34

With Timber Wolves player #9 Ricky Rubio

With my favorite Uncle Abel while watching  Wolves vs Okc thunder game
Much love to my friends... Hashee n Salim #team#unite love u guys.

Me myself n i....

Two successful African men.....much respect to yah!!!!!!!!

MINNEAPOLIS -- If the Oklahoma City Thunder aren't able to catch the San Antonio Spurs in the race for the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference, Kevin Durant and Co. may look back to a late March night in Minnesota as the moment they let it slip away.
Barreling down on the Spurs with 11 victories in their previous 14 games, the rolling Thunder slammed into a 6-foot-11, Montenegrin road block and a feisty Timberwolves team they never saw coming.
Nikola Pekovic had 22 points and 15 rebounds and Ricky Rubio added 17 points and seven assists to help the Timberwolves stun the Thunder 101-93 on Friday night.
"We'll be fine," Durant said. "You know, just a little bump in the road."
Chase Budinger scored 13 points and Andrei Kirilenko played superb defense on Durant in the second half to help the Wolves deal the Thunder an unexpected setback in their pursuit of the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference.
Durant had 36 points and seven rebounds, but was just 4 for 9 in the final 22 minutes. Russell Westbrook added 18 points and nine assists for the Thunder, who fell to 2 1/2 games behind the Spurs in the West after San Antonio beat the Clippers.
"I'm pretty sure he's tired right now," Kirilenko said of Durant.
The Thunder could regret this one, but they can also take solace that they won't see the Timberwolves -- one of only five teams to beat them twice this year -- in the playoffs. The Wolves had just 25 wins on the season, tied for second fewest in the West, having suffered through a litany of injuries. They were playing without Olympian Kevin Love, who has missed most of the season with a broken right hand.
So they used Pekovic's broad shoulders and Dante Cunningham's grit to get a surprising victory, one that moved coach Rick Adelman three away from 1,000 for his career.
"They're a great team," Pekovic said of the Thunder. "I'm sure they'll be one of the teams that is going to go for the title."
With Minnesota leading 84-81 early in the fourth, Pekovic bulled to the basket for two layups, and Cunningham, who was playing with a bruised shooting hand, hit a jumper and converted a tough layup in traffic for a 92-81 lead.
The Thunder got as close as five points down the stretch, but Pekovic held them off with a putback that pushed the lead back to 96-87 with 1:34 to go. Westbrook was just 7 for 17 from the floor, Kevin Martin was 1 for 9 and Durant was relatively quiet after a 9-for-10 start.
"We keep it the same," Thunder coach Scott Brooks said. "We're a very even-keel team, we always focus on just playing good basketball whoever we play, and they play well against us. They're a good team."
Oklahoma City has nine games remaining to make up for it. Getting that No. 1 seed is very much a goal for these Thunder, who want to play as many games as possible in front of their raucous home fans in the playoffs. It was in Oklahoma City last year when the series against the Spurs turned so dramatically. Down 2-0 to San Antonio and in serious danger of being swept by the veteran Spurs, the Thunder exploded for a 20-point win in Game 3 at home. That gave them the confidence and momentum, and they reeled off three more in a row to advance to the NBA Finals for the first time since moving from Seattle.
Seven of Pekovic's 15 boards came on the offensive end and the Wolves committed just 11 turnovers to get the win.
"If we want to get to where we want to get to, we've got to get up for every game," Durant said. "And I think we were up for tonight, but we just ran into a team that played better."

Game notes

Love's doctors in New York conferred with Timberwolves doctors on his hand. He was not given clearance to resume contact work and will be evaluated again next week. There is still not timetable for his return. ... Give J.J. Barea points for ingenuity. In the second quarter, the 5-foot-10 PG was met at the top of the key by the 7-3 Hasheem Thabeet. With nowhere to go, Barea tried to go between Thabeet's legs. He didn't quite make it, and Reggie Jackson was called for a foul on the play. ... Derek Fisher hit a 3-pointer in the first quarter to snap an 0-for-19 drought from the field.

March 29, 2013



Taasisi ya Maendeleo isiyo ya kiserikali ya Catherine Foundation ya jijini Arusha leo imetoa misaada mbalimbali ya vyakula kwa wagonjwa Hospitali ya Mt Meru na vituo viwili vya Yatima vya Faraja na Lohada Moshono vyopte vya jijini humo.

Catherine Foundation Develeppent inaongozwa na Mbunge wa Viti Maalum UVCCM Arusha, Catherine Magigie.

Misaada hiyo ya vyakula na sabuni pamoja na kuwatembelea wagonjwa kufanyika ikiwa ni sehemu ya kuwapa faraja wagonjwa na yatima hao waki huu wa kuelekea siku kuu ya Pasaka ili nawao wajisikie ni miongoni mwa jamii.
Mbunge wa Viti Maalum, Catherine Magige ambaye ni Kiongozi wa Taasisi ya Catherine Foundation, akimkabidhi  Mganga Mkuu wa Hospitali ya Mount Meru, Frida Mokit msaada wa mablang’eti ya kujifunikia wagonjwa waliolazwa Hospitalini hapo.
Mbunge wa Viti Maalum, Catherine Magige ambaye ni Kiongozi wa Taasisi ya Catherine Foundation, akiwajulia hali wagonjwa waliolazwa Hospitali ya Mt. Meru ya jijini Arusha na kuwapa zawadi mbalimbali.
Ilikuwa ni uchungu sana kwa Mbunge wa Viti Maalum, Catherine Magige ambaye ni Kiongozi wa Taasisi ya Catherine Foundation, alipopata taarifa za watoto zaidi ya 200 wanao lelewa katika kituo cha Yatima cha Faraja mjini Arusha. Watoto hao ni yatima ambao walitelekezwa na wazazi wao maeneo mbalimbali mjini humo na wengine ni waathirika wa Virusi vya Ukimwi. Mtoto aliyempakata alitupwa jalalani na wazazi wake angali mchanga na kulelewa hadi umri huo Hospitalini hapo.
Mbunge Catherine Magige ambaye ni Kiongozi wa Taasisi ya Catherine Foundation, akimkabidhi  Mganga Mkuu wa Hospitali ya Mount Meru, Frida Mokit msaada wa vitu mbalimbali kwaajili ya wagonjwa waliolazwa Hospitalini hapo.
Wanachama wa CCM na Taaasisi ya Catherine Foundation Development inayoongozwa na Mbunge wa Viti Maalum Arusha, Catherine Magige wakiwa wamebeba zawadi mbalimbali wakielekea katika moja ya wodi za akina mama na watoto Hospitali ya Mount Meru jijini Arusha kukabidi zawadi hizo.

Mbunge Catherine Magige akiongozana na Mganga Mkuu wa Hospitali ya Mount Meru, Frida Mokit wakifutana na wana Catherine  Foundation wakielekea kwenye moja ya wodi za wagonja hospitalini hapo kutoa misaada.
Mbunge wa Viti Maalum, Catherine Magige ambaye ni Kiongozi wa Taasisi ya Catherine Foundation, akiwa amewapakata watoto wawili mapacha waliozaliwa katika Hospitali ya Mount Meru jijini Arusha.
 Mbunge wa Viti Maalum, Catherine Magige ambaye ni Kiongozi wa Taasisi ya Catherine Foundation, akisoma taarifa yake na kuzungumza na watu mbalimbali wakiwapo wafanyakazi wa Hospitali ya Mount Meru.

March 27, 2013


Did she really say this or is someone trying to get her into our bad books for ever?If she didnt say this,it would be nice to get a response from her twitter handle at once!......ah ah!

China To Pour USD20bn Into Africa`s Development.

  President Xi pledges long lasting mutual relationship
Chinese President Xi Jinping claps as President Jakaya Kikwete displays a symbolic key passed on to him by his guest during the official handing over of Chinese-built Mwalimu Julius Nyerere International Conference Centre in Dar es Salaam yesterday. (Photo: Khalfan Said)
Chinese President Xi Jinping has assured African countries that his country will extend deep-going and comprehensive strategic support to the continent’s economic development, challenging other countries in the world to respect Africa’s dignity and independence.
He said this in a conference before his host, President Jakaya Kikwete, shortly after inaugurating the Mwalimu Julius Nyerere International Conference Centre in Dar es Salaam yesterday.
The Chinese leader, who arrived in the country on Sunday accompanied by First Lady Peng Liyuan, told delegates that China will continue to increase its financial support to Africa to keep its commitment in both letter and spirit.
President Xi said his government has allocated $20bn for Africa to develop infrastructures, agriculture and manufacturing industries between this year and 2015, adding that his government has also put in place a two-year programme to develop Africans talents during the same period.
“The development of our relationship should be people oriented and of mutual respect. The development of Sino-Africa relations should be influenced by promoting the youth of both sides,” he noted.
Elaborating, President Xi said that in cooperating with Africa, China remains committed to connecting its development opportunities to the continent.
According to him, while China and Africa mark a historic friendship, the unity and cooperation will remain a foundation for China’s international policy.
In that regard, the Chinese leader said China-Africa cooperation will last forever even if the former becomes the leading economic giant in the world.
President Xi reminded delegates that there is no meaningful development that can be based on one side and that all parts should respect the development model they subscribe to.
“China will continue to support Africa in regional, economic and security issues, if we’re to maintain friendship, we have to keep pace of innovation and cooperation,” Xi insisted.
President Xi hailed the strong partnership between Tanzania and China, noting that the welcome extended to him when he arrived exceeded his expectation.
In his remarks, President Kikwete said a special state visit for the Chinese leader in the country consolidates and advance the long term China-Africa relations and friendship.
He appreciated the first foreign trip of the Chinese President to Tanzania, noting that the Asian country’s policy to Africa has worked well.
“China has been supporting development across the world, thus President Xi’s presence to Tanzania marks a cooperation milestone between the two countries,” he asserted, adding that the two countries will celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations next year.
Meanwhile, members of the public have expressed mixed reactions to the speech delivered by the Chinese new leader yesterday.
On his part, Prof Ibrahim Lipumba, a renowned economist and chairman of the Civic United Front Party (CUF) criticised the government’s spending of loans granted by international communities and development partners.
According to him, the government needs to set well-defined-strategies on the best ways to use the funds that China plans to grant.
“If we set up practical strategic plans, then we will obviously benefit in the future,” he told reporters shortly after the conference.
On the other hand, Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM) secretary general Abdurahman Kinana said his party is well committed to implement accountability and good governance strategies to ensure mutual development for the two countries.
He said China’s support which is three times more than that granted by G8 which is $4bn, reflects the country’s mutual friendship with the African continent.
“We will make sure that all the support dished out by development partners, particularly China reaches the destined consumer,” Kinana asserted.
For his part IPP, Executive Chairman Dr Reginald Mengi, said the special visit by the Chinese leader will remain to be a blessing for the relationship that Tanzania and China have maintained for years.
He applauded the respect and appreciation that China has been granting the continent, which he said is far more than seasonal friendships.


THE BOYZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 26, 2013


Fashion Designer Linda rocking a dress by LB Fashion Appearl, designed by herself of course! Loving the Maasai inspired fabric she used for her dress.

Linda in a real vintage mink. The mink was made in the 60's and this kind of mind is impossible to find now a days neither is the animal! Due to the mink being made in the 60's it's no classified as Vintage and valued at the selling price of $15,000 (fifteen thousand dollars) and above. Linda are you planning to sell it?  

Beautiful couple Mr & Mrs Mali
The man himself looking so sharp! 
Mother & daughter both in LB Appareal

She's sexy & she knows it!
Great shot of Designer Mother & Model Daughter

Love, love, love
A bit of window shopping on their way
Heading to the show in style
Leyla on the red carpet at Charleston Fashion Week
Fashion Designer LB on the red carpet at CFW
Super Gorgeous Leyla
The Family reppin' at the show
Always smiling
A lot of ladies were mesmerized by LB's dress as it was their fist time to see a Vintage dress with studs yani it was a mix of old style and new style Vintage and Treandy wear.  LB blew their minds away even more when she told them it was an African fabric. Maasai baaby!!!!
Source:Linda fb n JG Blog


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