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March 14, 2013

Shein: Find Out Ways To Assist Form IV Failures

Zanzibar President Dr Ali Mohamed Shein has said that poor results of Form IV national examinations do not provide the Isles’ youth hope for a better future.
Dr Shein explained that education is the basis of all development and therefore, challenged leaders at all levels to take deliberate measures to support students who failed by finding ways for them to re-sit for the exams and eventually continue with higher education.
He said it is high time for leaders in all regions to establish technical training centres in which the youth can acquire various skills which would provide them with self employment.
Dr Shein gave the remarks during a collective meeting held at Tunguu Hall after having completed his trip in the South Unguja Region on Tuesday.
“You don’t have hope after the results were released…leaders in all regions as well as the ministry of education and other stakeholder should sit and come up with remedies to the matter,” he said.
According to the President, statistics indicate that the performance of 1,261 Form IV students who sat for their final examination stands at 25.77 percent; while for the 1,527 private candidate is at 9.40 percent.
He said the results are clear indication that there is a problem somewhere and that it is important to identify it and find a lasting solution thus advance the Isles’ development.
He insisted that the Zanzibar government has been making efforts to ensure that children have opportunities to acquire quality education because it is their basic right as stipulated by the constitution, given the fact that it is the key to life.
He said the government will continue to improve education infrastructure including constructing classrooms, laboratories in both primary and secondary schools and improve the quality of education.
Nevertheless, the President challenged parents and teachers to fight off students' absenteeism as well as ensure that those who impregnate students are taken to law enforcers.
Dr Shein said success in the region was given a bad mark by the 6 per cent level of truancy in primary schools and 7 per cent in secondary schools.
He said even though the figures showed that the number of students who were impregnated has dropped from 71 cases in 2011 to 20 cases in 2012, parents still have a big role to play in ensuring that their children conduct themselves properly. Other leaders who accompanied Dr Shein include; the Minister of Labour, Economic Empowerment and Cooperatives, Haroun Ali Suleiman, State Minister in the President's Office, Public Service and Good Governance and Minister without Portifolio, Sheikh Machano Othman Said.

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