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September 30, 2012

CAPTION THIS: Ke$ha Looks Lethal In Leather On Set Of ‘Die Young’ Video Shoot

Driver`s Mobile Phone Kills CCM Cadre, Injures 85

A CCM cadre died on the spot yesterday and 85 others suffered injuries after a lorry carrying them overturned in Chunya district, Mbeya region.
The accident occurred at around 8.30 am at Matundasi area on the outskirts of Chunya town when the lorry driver identified only as Mchungaji was receiving a call on his mobile phone while negotiating a corner.
Reports gathered by The Guardian on Sunday at the scene of the accident had it that the CCM members from Lupa, Upendo and Mamba wards, were heading to Chunya for a party election meeting.
Interviewed at Chunya District Hospital, one of the injured people identified as Frank Bone ( 40) said the accident was caused by the driver’s attempt to receive a call while the vehicle was in high speed.
He said due to overloading the driver, throughout the journey, appeared to have difficulties in controlling the lorry. He said they started their journey at Mamba village at around 3 am, passing by Lupa and Upondo wards to pick up other party members, leading to the vehicle overloading.
A CCM cadre, Jamson Mwaluka, a resident of Lupa ward who sustained injuries on his forehead, said that before the accident a call was made to the driver’s mobile phone and when he tried to pick it from his pocket so that he could answer it he lost control of the vehicle and it overturned.
“The cause of the accident is the mobile phone because a moment before the accident a call was made to the driver’s mobile phone and when he was struggling to pick it from his pocket to answer it he lost control of the lorry,” he stated.
At the scene of the accident at Chunya District Hospital, three ambulances were ferrying the injured from the scene of accident to the hospital for treatment, some with serious injuries.
Dr Henry Mwansasu, the Acting Chunya District Chief Medical Officer, said the hospital had received one body of a CCM cadre and 85 injured people.
The cadre who lost his life in the fateful accident was Issaya Nchimbi (45), the CCM treasurer for Madimbwini branch in Mamba ward, Chunya district.
Out of the 85 injured people, 11 of them were in serious condition and had been admitted while others with slight injuries were treted and discharged, he added.

September 27, 2012


The new voice of ghetto Jeff maximum R & B/soul singer and song writer, born in DRC.Congo (Goma)currently live in united Arab emirates (Dubai). He is the soulful voice from the heart of Africa.,raised between Africa and Europe,,ambition and determined in his career ,,start singing in the church age of 13 ,, November 2006 number one Congolese music producer frank master signed him with his first single called  ''future generation'' ,
2012 his release  a hit  call ''stay with me'' recorded in south Africa with miss Rwanda as the staring model.In 2008  he got the opportunity to work with miss Tanzania organisation as a trainer,was the beginning of his  appearance in the media with African magazines and international television same in 2008 he released second track called ''try''then got the opportunity to shift his career to Dubai.

 Much  to the excitement of his already sizable army of fans. With the single expected to be a success and fame imminent, the exciting, modern new wave sound that he has made his own is certain to take the world by storm.The development of his unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influence. Growing up singing in the in different places, meant that Jeff maximum he was always surrounded by music stick on his dream. He first performed for an audience at the age of 16 in hip-hop summit in Uganda, singing  R-kelly's Music remained a cornerstone of his life, stay tuned.......

September 26, 2012


Mwanamitindo Mbunifu wa Kwetu Fashion Designer. Missy Temeke ambae amejitolea kukuza fani yake kwa ubunifu wa mitindo ya kinyumbani, kwa kushirikiana na wadau mbali mbali kumuunga mkono katika Maonyesho ya ubunifu wa nguo zake kwenye Dinner and Fashion Show iliofanyika Siku ya Jumapili Sept 23, 2012, ndani ya ukumbi wa Keystone Room East Evenue, NW Washington DC Nchini Marekani.

Alicia Keys - Superwoman.............


There's big news in the Ice Loves Coco world this week!
The Las Vegas Sun reported Monday that Coco would be stepping into the lead role of Bo Peep in Planet Hollywood Casino's presentation ofPeepshow, replacing Girl Next Door star Holly Madison, who is leaving to have her first child.  
Coco's curves alone make her the perfect candidate for Peepshow, which is self described as the "sexiest new show on the planet." Ice-T's wifey took to twitter to share her excitement with her fans:
"U have 2 watch ‘Ice Loves Coco' season 3,Oct 28rd on E! and see how me headlining a Vegas show unravels. This is this wildest time in my life"
Lucky for us we get to peep all thingsPeepshow on Ice Loves Coco this year, undoubtedly making it the sexiest season yet.

Woman Paralyzed While Helping Stranger Determined to Walk Aisle at Wedding

A 22-year-old Pennsylvania nursing student who was paralyzed after being struck by a truck last winter is now determined to walk down the aisle at her upcoming wedding.
Alissa Boyle, a nursing student at Waynesburg University, was weeks away from graduating when on Feb. 20 she headed to Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown, W. Va. She and a few others stopped to assist 21-year-old Derek Hartzog, who had rolled his Jeep on Interstate 79.
Just as they managed to pull the man from the vehicle, they heard someone yelling that a truck was barreling down the road right at them.
“When I turned around, there was a semi right there and not stopping,” Boyle told Western Pennsylvania ABC affiliate WTAE.
Boyle, fellow nursing student Cami Abernethy and Hartzog were forced to leap over the railing over the edge of the overpass, which was 40 or 50 feet above the ground.  Boyle was the most seriously injured of the three.
“When I did wake up, I just remember being in pain. I remember just being in pain, and it was the worst pain in my life,” Boyle said. “They told me I’d never walk again. The doctor told me right away that I had a 1 percent chance of walking,” she said.
As she began her lengthy recovery in western Pennsylvania after the accident, Boyle’s thoughts turned to her upcoming wedding to Nathan, who was stationed at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, and had just proposed to her.
“At first, when it happened, I was worried that he was going to leave, and he never left my bedside. He told me, ‘You’re not going to walk. You’re going to run again,’” said Boyle.
A second look showed doctor’s that Boyle’s spinal cord was not completely severed, as the first doctor had told her. Suddenly she had hope that Nathan was right, and she would be able to walk.
A sense of determination now brings Boyle to physical therapy, and she is resolute in her decision to be able to walk down the aisle at her upcoming wedding at the Avion on the Water in Canfield, Ohio. She says she’s out to prove wrong the doctor who said she had a slim chance to walk again.
Boyle now works out her legs on a sit-down stationary bike, and with the support of her friends and family — and a charity called Jamie’s Dream Team, who offer help to individuals who are handicapped, disabled or terminally ill — she is preparing for her big day.
“Her wedding day when she walks down the aisle is going to be an amazing experience for everyone,” Jamie Holmes of Jamie’s Dream Team said.
Holmes and her team are rounding up vendors across the community to make donations, including Mike Jeswald of Avion on the Water.
“Everybody has to give back to the community, and this is such a great opportunity,” he said.
Boyle says that her wedding will have a Cinderella theme, complete with a horse-drawn carriage. She says that she hopes her story will inspire others.
“I think to be an inspiration; I think God wanted me to be on here to show people that you can do anything. Nothing’s impossible,” she said.

Papic Resurfaces, Yanga In Trouble

Kagame Cup holders Young Africans have dully paid sacked Belgian coach Tom Saintfiet but still the club has more debts to settle.
Saintfiet was sacked by the club hardly 77 days after ceremoniously joining the club and led it to retain lucrative $30,000 worth of Kagame Cup title in July.
The Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) has received a notification from FIFA requiring Yanga to settle their arrears with Serbian coach Kostadin Papic, who ended his contract in early May but left for home with empty pockets.
Papic claims hefty $12,300 salary arrears and has forwarded his case to FIFA.
TFF secretary general Angetile Osiah said through his press statement availed to The Guardian yesterday that an order from FIFA needs the debt to be settled immediately.
Should Yanga be defiant to honor the debt then it is very possible for FIFA to instruct points’ deductions and eventually relegate the famous top flight side.
Osiah said he has already directed Yanga to honour the Serbian coach’s claims before it becomes too late.
He said the FIFA axe can fall on Yanga any moment should the Tanzanian club play down to pay the Serbian trainer.
Osiah said the indebt ness by Yanga with regard to coach Papic is staining image of the country’s football.
He said it is very possible the consequences of indebt ness would result in discrediting Tanzania before the football fraternity around the globe.
He said there is a possibility for Tanzanian clubs as well as national teams to miss services of good coaches from Europe and elsewhere should Yanga remain adamant in paying the arrears.
He cautioned Yanga and other clubs in the country to honour payments to their coaches and meet contractual terms.
Papic’s demands have resurfaced just a day after Yanga have paid compensation to Belgian coach Saintfiet after partying ways early this week.
Besides the Serbian coach, Yanga have a pending debt to settle for Kenyan international John Njoroge who successfully appealed for 17m/- in arrears for contractual breach in 2010.
Yanga have to dig deep into their coffers to settle the debts quickly enough before a heavy axe falls on the club any time.
Osiah said TFF has repeatedly insisted on clubs to honor contractual terms with their hired coaches and players.

Big Names off CCM`s Poll List

 Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) Central Committee has removed the names of some its top officials including Members of Parliament from the list of those vying for various posts in the party.According to information from impeccable sources, the names were removed on Monday midnight by the party’s ethics and security committee. The committee’s bold decision had the consent of the party’s National Chairman Jakaya Kikwete.
Legislators struck from the list of contestants included those who signed the document prepared by Kigoma North lawmaker Zitto Kabwe in April this year to collect 70 signatures from MPs to enable him table a motion of no confidence in Prime Minister, Mizengo Pinda.
Zitto’s moves were intending to hold the government responsible following the revelations by the committees and CAG of massive corruption, dishonesty and misappropriation of public funds.
Legislators whose names have been struck off the list of those vying for various posts in the party are Nimrod Mkono (Musoma Rural) who was vying for the post of national parent’s wing chairmanship and Ludewa MP, Deo Filikunjombe who was seeking the NEC seat via Ludewa district.
The committee also removed the name of Ilala legislator, Mussa Zungu who doubles as the presiding chair during Bunge meetings. The committee suggested that Zungu vie for the post of parent’s wing chairmanship left vacant after Mkono’sname was struck offthe list.
Others are Kisesa MP, Luhaga Mpina who was vying for the post of CCM Chairman via Simiyu region, Kahama legislator, James Lembeli who wanted to become the party’s Chairman in Shinyanga region, Nzega MP, Dr. Khamis Kigwangalah and CCM cadre Hussein Bashe, who were contesting for NEC membership through Nzega district.
Special seat MP Sara Msafiri who was contesting for NEC membership and Munde Tambwe who was contesting for Chairperson of Women wing in Tabora region were also dropped.
The reports said that the reasons for removing the two MPs was due to allegations that they were among the members of the Parliamentary committee for Energy and Minerals who have interest in Tanzania Electricity Supply Company.
Others who have been left out include Kilimanjaro CCM Chairperson Vicky Swai.
Those who have been proposed by the CC include Simanjiro Legislator Christopher Ole Sendeka who was contesting for NEC membership for Simanjiro district, Monduli MP Edward Lowassa who was contesting for NEC membership, Bariadi East legislator Andrew Chenge and a Member of East Africa Legislative Assembly Adam Kimbisa who was contesting for the post of chairperson for Dodoma region.
Others are Same- East legislator Anne Kilango Malecela, Minister for Community Development Gender and Children Sophia Simba, and famous cadre Mayrose Magige who are contesting for the position of National chairperson of women wing.
The source said that President Kikwete wanted to ensure that all people faced with corruption allegations within the party had no chance to contest for various posts.
According to the party’s election regulations, the last decision making body is the National Executive Committee which started meeting yesterday under the chairmanship of President Jakaya Kikwete.
Opening NEC meeting President Kikwete said in order to ensure CCM lives and emerges a winner in the 2015 General Election, the Party Central Committee has decided to drop candidates who are old to give room for the young people to compete for the various party positions.
“On Monday the central committee finished its work after midnight. We did a great job and we are happy that this time, regardless of having many candidates in various positions, including learned youths, we as a committee have decided to give room for young people. Our colleagues, the elders should now retire,” said President Kikwete.
He said among the youth who competed for the position, many come from the higher learning institutions which is a great encouragement for the party.
“I would like to stress that we cannot have a party run by old people alone, for a party with such a system will never have a good leadership. We have made the decision so as to give our party a good image, but above all victory in the 2014 local government elections and 2015 elections,” said the party national chairman.
He said in their internal election, the party expects to get a team of ethical, courageous leaders capable of defending their party.
“In this sense a winning team and not the victory of one person,” stressed Kikwete.
“I have heard that there are some people who are threatening to ditch the party if they are struck from contesting for leadership positions. If so, let them go. It means by the fact that they are threatening, they have already been assured of their chances in other political parties,” said Kikwete.
He advised those who will fail in the election not to give up because their failure doesn’t mean they are incapable; only that there are always few positions, against many contestants.
He warned against corruption during elections, saying the exercise is not a business, and that candidates using money to win are not fit to become leaders.
He also criticised candidates who have caused fracas using arms saying they have shamed the party.

Racism On The Runway?: Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring 2013 Collection Sparks Questions Of Cultural Insensitivity

Dolce & Gabbana has been under fire after editors and fashionistas began questioning the inspiration and cultural insensitivity behind the Italian fashion house’s Spring 2013 collection earrings. Designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabanna say that they were influenced by their native home, Sicily. Garments swept the runway in deep rogue, sand, yellow and ocean blue. Puffed sleeves and potato sack inspired pieces were also part of the collection. Patterns of suited up men armored with swords donned outfits, but other patterns didn’t go over so well.

One in particular portrayed a dark-skinned Black woman, head wrapped in a brightly colored turban and fair lips carrying a basket of fruit on her head- think a darker skinned Chiquita banana. Many of the earrings from the collection bore the same woman painted both black and white. Critiques claim the pattern and earrings are reminiscent of the controversial mammy archetype- an over-sized African woman enslaved or working as a servant. 

Black Woman On Pattern 

Are the designers just grabbing inspiration from the past? Or is it too much?


It's a Bitch Stole My Look Threesome! But Who Gets Your Vote For Best Dressed

September 25, 2012

Mpita Njia - Alicios ft. Juliana [Official Video]

TG Spotted: Kimberly Wyatt In Emma Louise London At The Crazy Horse Premiere

Former Pussycat Doll group member, Kimberly Wyatt was absolutely stunning in her two-toned dress by Emma Louise London as she attended the Crazy Horse premiere in London. Although the singer has been catching some backlash for her bleach blonde updo, similar toMiley’s Cyrus’ iHeart Radio Festival look, we think Kimberly looks amazing! This purple hue looks great on her, not to mention the dresses plunging neckline and leather skirt let us know that this Pussycat Doll still has a wild side. Kimberly finished her look with a fall must-have—a pointed black pump! 

TGlamour's, are you feeling Kimberly’s two-tone dress and pompadour?

TG GLAMOUR OF THE DAY:Is it even possible to Keep Up with Kim Kardashian's Kurves?

Uuuuu Lalaaaaaa Kimye....

I Love Kimye Booty Cover-Up......Classy n Sexy


Fitness Model/Personal Trainer
36 Years Old
Born In Palm Beach Florida
Lives In Miami Florida

Michael Ego is also a musician at the church he attends and is also the cheif engineer at SOE Productions in Hollywood Florida.
And yes ladies Michael is Single.
If you would like to stay up to date with Michael Ego please visit his fan page by clicking on this link
Stay tuned for Michael's new calendar "Michael Ego Reloaded" going on sale November 2013. Don't forget to Like Michael Ego's Page visit

September 24, 2012


Na Imelda Mtema
MASTAA wa filamu Bongo ambao ni wanandoa, Juma Kilowoko ‘Sajuki’ na Wastara Juma hivi karibuni waliwaacha watu hoi kufuatia vituko walivyokuwa wakivionesha, Ijumaa Wikienda liliwanasa kwenye shughuli.
Wawili hao walionesha vituko hivyo kwenye harusi ya mdogo wa Wastara aitwaye Latifa Juma iliyofanyika mwishoni mwa wiki, Tabata jijini Dar.

Katika sherehe hiyo, Wastara aliamua kuweka matatizo yao pembeni na kuanza kukata nyonga kwa staili iliyowaacha hoi maharusi pamoja na watu wengine waliokuwepo kwenye ‘mnuso’ huo. 
Achilia mbali hilo, Sajuki naye alipoingia ukumbini hapo aliingia kwa staili ya kucheza kiduku huku mkononi akiwa ameshika kimfuko cha bisi ‘pop corn’.
Vituko havikuishia hapo kwani kuna wakati Wastara alipotakiwa kufika mbele kukata keki, Sajuki alimfuata kwa nyuma na kumshikia gauni lake refu kama mpambe wake na keki ilipokatwa alichukua kipande na kukila hata kabla ya maharusi.

Mpaka wawili hao wanaondoka ukumbini hapo, walikuwa wameacha gumzo kutokana na matukio yao ambayo yaliifanya sherehe hiyo ifane. 


This song is playing on ma MIND a lot today and am feeling it!!!!!!!!! Damn i said it 4days ago what goes around must come back around.......and some people told me on fb that!!!!will come back twice!!!!!!!!!!! What am saying is this, karma is a big Bitcheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! Don't play with POWER OF PRAYERS....Sometimes we forget that God is watching.....My pastor told me....relax and God almighty will answer ur prayers very soon.....Wish you all nice week and don't forget to pray......GOD IS EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!

Red Carpet Rundown: Bold, Bright Colors Were In Full Effect At The 64th Annual Emmy Awards (Which Look Is Your Fave?)

Last night’s 64th Annual Emmy Awards was filled with glitz and glam, as expected. Actors must be better grounded than musicians, because honestly, there really weren’t any horrible outfits. In fact, it was so hard to chose the best of the best for this list because everyone truly looked great! Alas, we made the hard decisions and present to you, the best looks from last night’s red carpet. 
The trending color last night was bold, bright yellow. Australian television host, Renee Barghturned heads in her cannery bustier number. While Julianne Moore covered up, but still looked hot in a Dior Haute Couture gown. And a very pregnant Claire Danes glowed in her cinched Lanvin dress. 
Kerry Washington shimmered in a Vivienne Westwood rose-gold gown. 
Leslie Mann wore one of StyleBlazers favorite designers, Naeem Khan, embracing an eclectic feel. 
Access Hollywood correspondent, Shaun Robinson looked prim and proper in a red Ronald Abdala dress.

We’re still not huge fans of the purple hair, but Kelly Osborne looked fabulous in her lilac Zac Posen taffeta dress. 
Padma Lakshmi wore a tangerine Monique Lhuillier draped number that popped! 
Julianne Hough looked like a mermaid in her Georges Hobeika Couture intricate gown.
Cutie pie, Hayden Panettiere looked like the living version of the Emmy statuette in her Marchesa gold foiled gown.



Wakifurahia Award yao waliyopokea 

Kelechi owner wa Big obi in white ambaye ndio producer/director wa Lost in Abroad.

Baadhi ya producer walio tunukiwa award mwenye white suit ni Vanvicker na katikati ndio producer/director wa lost in abroad Mr Kelechi

Baadhi ya watanzania walioshiriki katika hiyo movie, Itika aliyeshikilia award na Sitti


Msg From Missy: You see what you believe. I see what my heart believes. You see man. I see humanity. You see life. I see a Gift........ Kwetu fashion designs by Missy Temeke.

What a lovely family......Miss Temeke na Wanae katika kuonyesha mambo super matunda ya creation ya mama yao!!!!!!! Yaani mie namfananisha miss Temeke hapa na Kimora Lee Simon akiwork run way na watoto wake. Gud job my sissy kwanzia leo ur my Kimora Lee

Haka kaujumbe katamu kweli, nifundisho kwa wale majirani wenyekero na kazi za wenzao, fanya kazi yako kwa usahihi achakukosea wengine au kijiona wewe ndio unaweza.......Kwetu fashion juu, Kwetu fashion fundisho kwa wale wanaovizia kazi za wenzao na kuiga iga.....wish u all the best Miss Temeke....

Hongera kwa kazi nzuri Miss Temeke, nafurahia kuona ukifanya kazi nzuri ur own creation sio copy n paste kutoka kwa magazeti, na baadhi ya designer wengine, tushachoka kuona watu wakidesign vitu vile vile, twakushukuru kwa kutoa changamoto kwa designer wengine. Chukueni mfano kutoka kwa KWETU FASHION.

The one and only Tanzania Designer in USA......aka Kimora Lee Simons


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